XL Long Burn Nestro Natural Wood Fuel Briquettes (30 Packs)
XL Long Burn Nestro Natural Wood Fuel Briquettes

XL Long Burn Nestro Natural Wood Fuel Briquettes (30 Packs)

XL Long Burn Nestro Logs (30 packs)
A convenient variant of our best selling nestro logs! Our XL logs give a larger, more dense log for a longer burn time with the same high quality product you've come to love! Don't fret, if you require the logs smaller just like our original Nestro logs, they snap in half with very little effort giving you full control over the size! 

This product is manufactured from milling by-products (hardwood shavings, sawdust, etc.) and is a winner in several respects: it is entirely eco-friendly, contains no additives, and produces more heat and a better flame. This product has been laboratory-tested by independent experts.
They are highly compressed with a higher bark content resulting in a good flame and longer burn. They are great as both a day and night briquettes
  • Higher bark content briquettes 
  • 4 super sized logs per pack
  • 30 packs per pallet
  • Slower & longer burn ( 1 log up to 4 Hours )
  • Steady flame with little expansion 
  • 120 logs total
Suitable wood-burning stoves, log burners, protected fire pits, chimineas and open fires. Use them alongside hardwood heat logs as well as conventional firewood logs to get a great long-burning blaze.
 **Certain post codes incur an additional cost, please refer to our delivery page for more information**
All pallets are delivered as curb side delivery via a pump truck. Anything 750kg or below will be delivered on a 7.5 tonne vehicle, above 750kg will be delivered on an 18 tonne vehicle. The courier will require flat, stable ground to deliver on as well as sufficient access for the vehicle they're delivering in. 

By purchasing this product you are confirming that the vehicle will have suitable access to deliver your pallet. Failure to deliver due to accessibility / stable ground can lead to an additional redelivery charge that will be chargeable to you.