Ruf Briquettes- Bio Wood Fuel

Ruf Briquettes- Bio Wood Fuel

RUF briquettes are a top-of-the-range, extremely dense and very clean hardwood RUF Block. They’re made from pure Oak sawdust which is a by-product of furniture manufacturing.

Calorific value:  4.9 kWh/kg
Max. ash content:  <1%
Max. water content:  <8%
Product Standard:  PEFC.


Block:  150mm x 90mm x 65mm
Weight:  833g approx.
Pack:  12 blocks = 10kg

Burning characteristics:

These easy-to-use briquettes give out a steady heat with a nice flame. They burn for around two to four hours depending on airflow and they give off good heat for the duration of their burn time.

Perfect for:

RUF Oak are best used as a ‘heat sink’ in the back of the fire, where they will glow for several hours and help create a really good heart in your fire. Having said that though, many people use RUF Oak as a sole fuel throughout the burn. They are a handy size so they’re excellent on a smaller stove or open fire, but they’re still chunky enough to give a really good burn time.

None of our briquettes contain additives or chemicals. They are made from pure, untreated wood by-product and are held together by compression alone.