Swedish Torch kit
Swedish Torch burning

Make your own Swedish Torch Fire / Camping Stove

Make your own Outdoor camping stove with this handy DIY Swedish Torch kit.

Buy upto 6 kits and only pay for 1 x Shipping!

Each pack contains:

4 x Log Quarters (approx 25cm Long)

3 x Firelighters

3 x Fencing Wire ( to secure the logs )

All profits from the sale of this product will be going to help support local scout troops!

Simply place the 4 quarters together and place the firelighters in the middle before securing the whole bundle together with the Fencing wire.

Light the firelighters from underneath or through the gaps in the bound wood and place on a level surface, Once the firewood is burning bright you can use the top as a stove to cook on!

A great little project for Scout projects too.

Warning: The metal wire will get hot when lit so always use heat-proof gloves when handling, and always ensure your fire is fully out before leaving. Douse the logs in water to make sure.