close up of Natural Wood Wool Firelighters
ECO Natural Wood Wool Firelighters XL Bag Approx 900

ECO Natural Wood Wool Firelighters XL Bag Approx 800

An XL Bag of Approx 800 firelighters made of wood wool and wax, in a cardboard box

Natural Fire Lighter is made from certificated wood wool and paraffin wax, which lights in any conditions and environment. It burns with a smokeless flame up to 10 mins and does not have any impact on food. To start a fire you will normally need 1-2 fire lighters. Suitable for stoves, cottages, fire places, BBQs and pizza ovens.

  • 1 bag = Approx 800 pieces
  • Approx 12 Kgs
  • 100% eco product - made from certificated wood shavings & paraffin wax (it does not smell)
  • suitable for all types of wood briquettes, heat logs, pellets, charcoal and firewood
  • place between wood, briquettes, charcoal and light using a long match
  • no smell - free of chemical agents
  • does not affect the taste and smell of grilled meat. 
  • it burns up to 10 mins and to start a fire you need 1-2 pieces.
  • to be kept dry out of children's reach!

*Please note sometimes packaging style varies from our supplier but quality and quantities do not!