6mm Biofuel Wood Pellets
6mm Biofuel Wood Pellets 18.1KG Bags
Biofuel wood pellets close up
pile of Biofuel wood pellets
biofuel wood pellets burning
a handful of biofuel wood pellets
pallets of biofuel wood pellets

EBF 6mm Biofuel Wood Pellets 18.1KG Bags (Full Pallet)

Full Pallet: 54 Bags x 18.1Kgs

AWF hardwood pellets are our new guest biomass pellet with a high heat output for pellet stoves and biomass boilers. This pellet is made from 100% recycled hardwoods with no additives, compressed into a 6mm diameter pellet shape and packaged into heavy duty plastic bags for safe handling and storage. Keep your pellet stores full and your biomass boilers in optimum condition with this premium quality energy dense biomass wood fuel that’s low in dust and moisture. 

Important features:  

  • 18.1Kg bags of energy-dense wood pellets 
  • 6mm wood pellet  
  • Compacted recycled wood fibre 
  • Reliable, clean and efficient 
  • Low moisture content and ash content below 0.5%
  • Ultra-high heat (greater than 320k BTU’s per bag) 
  • 54 Bags On one pallet
  • 4.7 KWH / KG
  • 16.96 GJ/Tonne

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