Kiln Dried Oak Firewood - Bag (300kg)
Kiln Dried Oak Firewood Bag 300kg
Bag Kiln Dried Oak Firewood
300kg Bag Kiln Dried Oak Firewood

Kiln Dried Oak Firewood - Bag (300kg)

Our premium kiln dried oak firewood are a traditional, long burn firewood, a sturdy fuel applicable with both wood-burning stoves, multi fuel burners & open fires. Each crate is kiln dried with a moisture content of less than 20%. 
A solid burn choice, with a warm glow for longer periods, they're the perfect choice for those long nights around the fire.

Due to its high density of wood fibers and substantial shape, this particular firewood exhibits a significantly slower burn rate compared to alternative varieties. A single log of this firewood type can sustain a fire for a duration exceeding two hours, thereby reducing the frequency of refueling requirements.
  • Approximate log length: 25cm
  • Moisture content: <20%
  • Approximate weight: 300kg
  • Loose volume: 1m3
Oak is a high density wood that can make them harder to light, we recommend using a fire starter like our ECO Firelighters to help get the fire roaring!

Keep your firewood dry, store in a sheltered space with plenty air circulation 

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