Twin Pack Woodlets Briquettes (6 per pack)
Twin Pack Woodlets Briquettes

Twin Pack Woodlets Briquettes (6 per pack)

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2x 10kg British sourced premium woodlet briquettes, a high sustainable woof fuel for all types of wood burners and firepits.
  • Less than 10% moisture content
  • 4.8kWh/kg heat output
  • Clean air act compliant 
Woodlets burn hotter and cleaner than standard logs, giving up to four hours per briquette at a heat output over 50% hotter than logs! With a moisture content of less than 10% compared to the standard 20% of logs, briquettes burn easier and more efficiently. 
Briquettes can easily be broken in half to adhere to smaller fire pits and ovens, and with only a 1% ash volume after burning, leave very little clean up afterwards.