Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Firewood Logs - Full Crate (600kg)
Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Firewood Logs
660 kg Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Firewood Logs

Kiln Dried Hardwood Birch Firewood Logs - Full Crate (600kg)

 Get warm with our easy to light Birch logs!
Our premium kiln dried birch logs are a brilliant, user-friendly log suitable for a wood burner, stove, log burner, firepit, chiminea, or wood-fired pizza oven. 
With a high temperature and a fierce flame, these easy to light logs are a great choice for all, with it's paper like bark acting as a brilliant firelighter. 

Select this firewood for its ease of access. Birch serves as the entry point to the realm of wood-burning, given its propensity to ignite more rapidly compared to other firewood varieties with higher density. 

Embrace a wood burning practice that pays homage to the esteemed Scandinavian tradition. The frigid climates of Norway and Sweden foster the flourishing growth of Silver Birch trees, alongside Pine and Spruce, creating a bountiful supply for this purpose.
  • Loose volume: 2m3
  • Moisture content: <20%
  • Approximate weight: 600kg
We recommend that our crates are stored in a sheltered space with good air circulation to keep them dry and ready for use.

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