Buy Pizza Ovens: In-depth Guide to Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens UK

A wood-fired pizza oven is a charming culinary addition in the backyard or green landscape in the house. Nevertheless, choosing an outdoor oven can be tricky. The market is flooded with an endless array of models to leave you overwhelmed. There are several aspects to consider before you buy pizza ovens at your favourite online store. 

In this blog post, we will explore the key factors that should influence your decision when purchasing a portable home pizza oven. So, all the pizzaphiles get ready to explore the best wood-fired pizza maker for a finger-licking outdoor Italian food fiesta. 

Buy Pizza Ovens by Type – Wood-Fire Oven Varieties   

There are various types of wood-fired ovens for domestic outdoor use. Choosing the oven by type depends on your budget, frequency of use, and cooking volume. 

1. Traditional Clay Ovens

Clay ovens were the earliest form of pizza equipment in ancient times. Even today, many restaurants have colossal dome-like clay structures to mass-produce smoky pizzas. Nothing can beat the taste of pizzas baked in traditional clay ovens. The advantage of baking foods is clay ovens are rooted in the quality of the aroma. It blends the smell of charcoal with charred clay to imbue a unique flavour profile to the food.   

Fortunately, you can get this pizzeria-style flavour some texture in every bite at home. Classic clay pizza ovens are available in miniature sizes for residential purposes. You can buy a small 68cm model to cook a 10-inch pizza for a small family. The compact structure heats up in 20 minutes, allowing you to bake a pizza in 60 seconds.  

2. Brick-Stone Masonry Ovens

A pizza oven construction can be part of your outdoor construction project. This allows homeowners to get the custom size and design while adhering to the décor theme of the house. 

3. Concrete Wood-fired Stoves 

Concrete ovens are permanent and non-portable structures. Cleaning and maintenance can be challenging in extreme weather conditions. A portable unit is a safe choice to move indoors during rain and heavy snow to prevent moisture penetration. 

4. Portable Metal Ovens 

The metal pizza ovens are mainly available in stainless steel and cast-iron materials. However, many brands have models in aluminium and ceramic ovens for top-notch aesthetic appeal and ease of use. 

Metallic models feature superb insulated compartments for maximum heat retention, ideal for slow cooking. These models save time, consume less fuel, and heat up quickly. Besides pizza, the ovens are configured for baking bread, roasting and grilling meat, etc. 

Which is the Best Pizza Oven for Home Garden 

The market trends depict the surging demand for compact metal ovens. There are enough reasons people want to buy pizza ovens in metallic finishes. These new-age devices are all about enhanced cooking experience. 

The metal ovens take less time and fuel to heat up. These ovens have thick insulating walls to secure maximum heat retention for slow cooking. It produces dry heat to burn the sugar in the crust, liberating a caramelised delicacy and crunch. Moreover, these ovens are easier to clean than the other materials.  

Despite the availability of cutting-edge kitchen equipment, the pizzaiolo folks still swear by the charisma of time-honoured brick and clay ovens. Natural clay retains the nutritional value, goodness, and aroma of the ingredients by trapping moisture within its thick walls. The inert properties of clay eliminate the risk of oven elements from reacting with the ingredients. 

In Essence, 

There are plenty of wood-fired pizza ovens in the UK for sale. However, not all of them perform well on all the vital parameters. 

It takes a bit of research to buy pizza ovens that exceed expectations while offering reliability and convenience. These tips should help you cut the strenuous research and narrow the options to save time. 

Please contact us if you have questions about wood-fired pizza ovens. Our customer-friendly staff provides valuable insights to assist you in making an informed purchase decision.

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